Our goals

What are the goals for this project?

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Continue the work in the community
Develop a mentoring programme for anybody to use
Translate the materials for multilingual and international use
Our team

Who will work on and deliver the project

A photo of Hana smiling in front of a pastel purple background.
Hana Butorova
Programmes Director


Hi, my name is Hana. I have a heart for creating safe spaces for children where they can develop their wellbeing and grow as people. I decided to set up WISE Mentoring after a previous charity that served the community was dissolved, to honour all the personal relationships we had developed in the community and enable the fantastic work to continue. Around me are a lot of passionate and committed people, many of whom used to volunteer for the now disbanded charity and want to continue giving their time to the children and community that they have come to know and love. I could not be prouder of them.

Amy standing in front of a pastel blue background, wearing a green jumper.
Amy Livingstone
Community Outreach Director


Hi, my name is Amy! 
I am overseeing community outreach and ensuring the continuity of the work of WISE in the North East of Glasgow. This includes working with Hana to oversee our community activities, furthering relationships in the community, and supporting all aspects of training and delivery.
I have been building relationships within the community since 2019, initially in the family programme and then as a youth mentor in a local school. Between 2021-2023 I ran all of the mentoring and community programmes of the previous charity. 

A photo of Jowita standing in front of a pastel purple background.
Jowita Szyszka
Integration and Accessibility Director


Hi my name is Jowita! 
My focus as the Integration and Accessibility Director is to connect us with the wider third sector community and make our work and resources more accessible. Both in terms of a multilingual/international context and easier to engage with for children, families and organisations who may experience barriers due to disabilities. 

A photo of Jinin smiling in front of a graphic green and red background.
Jinin Cheung
Administration Director


Hi, my name is Jinin! Through my role as the company's Administration Director I get to oversee the working of the company from behind the scenes and ensure all of the work on the ground can run smoothly. 

A photo of Jess sitting in front of a tree and some green grass
Jessica Murphy
Senior Project Leader


Hi I'm Jess, a Senior Project Leader at WISE Mentoring. 

In my role I lead a primary school character mentoring project, which includes eight volunteer mentors and sixteen children across two project groups. I also work with our Programmes Director Hana, to support WISE with recruitment, training and volunteer support. 

A picture of Martha smiling at the camera.
Martha Owens
Project Leader


Hi I'm Martha, I lead a character mentoring, primary school project. I get to witness first-hand the growth of the children in their unique characters and in their relationships with themselves, others and the world.  I am so very proud to be a part of this team that has managed to pull through logistical setbacks, give so much to our community and that will continue to make a difference in the lives of those people it encounters.